Food: Arrangements for food service will be done at the time of contract signing. Rubydoo’s Vintage Events does Catering, All glassware and service is charged at $13.50 a plate when 1 meat is served and $17.00 a plate when 2 meats are served and charged according to the RSVP list. Menus including, tea, lemonade and water will be supplied to the Renter. All Glass ware is used when renter uses Rubydoo’s Vintage Event Catering. If food is not served and the renter serves cake, there is a $200.00 charge for cake plates, silverware, napkins and drinks. The Renter will be limited to the Event Center Catering. The full food service amount and final RSVP Number must be received 20 days prior to the event along with a finalized menu. Rubydoo’s Vintage Event Catering guarantees enough food to feed the agreed number of guests.

Appetizers are available and will be charged according to what trays are chosen and what glassware is chosen.

Table Service: will be the choice of the Renter, but will be the responsibility of Rubydoo’s Vintage Event Catering at no extra cost if using Rubydoo’s Vintage Event Catering.